Ecologic Blue Flag Program

Ecologic Blue Flag Program

The Ecologic Blue Flag is an annual award, that acknowledges the effort and volunteer work to pursuit conservation and development, in accordance to the protection of natural resources, the execution of climate change tackling actions, and the quest to improve hygene and sanitary conditions, as well as public health for Costa Ricans.


Every organization that wishes to participate in the program to gain a Blue Flag award, has to fill out an inscription form and send it to the Categorys official e-mail address in due time (every year from January 1st to March 31st). During the present year, the organization must prepare a report, and present it the following year, to opt for the Ecologic Blue Flag award that rewards said previous year (reporting year).

For more information on how to enroll in the Ecologic Blue Flag Program, visit their official web site.


SUSTY MODULE – Ecologic Blue Flag


With Sustys Blue Flag reporting solution, organizations can measure, manage, and generate an automated report in the cloud, according to EBFs specific criteria and metrics for Climate Change or Agricultural categories.

Who can participate to win a Blue Flag award using Susty?

In the Climate Change category: Companies, Industries, Businesses, Hotels, Universities, Offices, Banks or Manufacturing Plants and Service Operations.

In the Agricultural category: Agricultural or Livestock Farms and areas destined for agricultural productive systems.

For this module, cost varies according to the amount of locations or branches that wish to report.